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Working women Health Checkup
Age group 21-40

Includes 66 tests

Liver function test- 11 tests, T-3, T-4, TSH- 3 tests Lipid profile- 8 tests, Hemogram 6 part (Diff)...
20% Off

7520 9400

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Young Indevidual Health Checkup
Age group 21-35

Includes 48 tests

Liver function test- 11 tests, T-3, T-4, TSH- 3 tests Lipid profile- 8 tests, Hemogram 6 part (Diff)...
21% Off

3950 5000

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Active Professional Health Checkup
Age group 35-50

Includes 110 tests

HbA1c (2 tests), T-3, T-4, TSH, Iron Deficiency Profile (3 tests), Liver Function Tests (11 tests), ...
15% Off

8499.15 9999

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