Active Professional Health Checkup

(Ideal for person aged 35-50)

Why book this Checkup?

This checkup tests for Intellectual Abnormality, Thyroid Disorder, Liver Disorder, Diabetes Mellitus and Kidney Disorder. It also evaluates your Heart, Thyroid, Liver and Kidney.

110 Tests BDT 9999
Discount 15 %
Total BDT 8499.15
*Book this checkup and earn BDcareCash TK 50

This package includes 110 tests

  • HbA1c (2 tests)
  • T-3
  • T-4
  • TSH
  • Iron Deficiency Profile (3 tests)
  • Liver Function Tests (11 tests)
  • Lipid Profile (8 tests)
  • Hemogram - 6 Part (Diff)- 28 tests
  • Vitamin Profile (2 tests)
  • Cardiac Risk Markers (5 tests)
  • Advanced Renal Profile (6 tests)
  • E
What preparation is needed for this Checkup?

Fasting is required for about 10 -12 hours before the sample collection. Consumption of water is permitted.

Reliable and Trustworthy

All checkup will perform by well equiped and renowned Diagnostic labs and will examined by qualified and experience professionals.

Simple and Convenient

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"Very professional Phlebo. Excellent job in collecting the sample. No pain at all. Got my report also within 24 hours :)"

Rashid J Siddique