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Available from 03-Dec-2019

Service Details

In a life and death emergency, you may call an ambulance by contacting us. We ensure a 24/7 ambulance service for people. To confirm an ambulance booking, Please, fill up the e-form. We will get back soon to you or make a call.

HotLine (Call for Urgent Booking) 01886555000

Terms & Conditions


Users should bear all liabilities related to his order e.g. rent, hire fees, rejection or cancellation. They need to understand all terms and condition mentioned below: a. Follow the guideline indicated by bdcare expert about rent (Distance and hire-charge). b. Driver or attendant of ambulances are not responsible for route & rent which is summed-up by bdcare expert. If users change the destination then its subject to review by bdcare experts again. c. If need to cancel the order, users must follow the cancellation procedures of bdcare: 1. No payment required if user cancels the order before the ambulance start to move. 2. User (Who made order) has to pay half of the total amount (Hire charge determined by the experts) if user cancels the order after the ambulance reached at the pickup point. 3. User (Who made order) has to pay 100% of hire charge whenever the ambulance reached at the drop point. The charges will not considerable for any new situation arises like patient’s deterioration and even death. d. All payments will make to ambulance driver or attendants on behalf of user (Who made order). e. There is no scope to remains any dues about the payment.


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